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Looking for old post about calling agent procedures from a webpage

  • I know I remember there being a post about basically bypassing the built-in live connect portal and calling the procedures directly on the machine from a web interface, but I can't for the life of me find it. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

  • Can you be more specific? Any particular procedures or all of them or...?

  • Basically, it was about authenticating and calling live connect portal procedures from a non kaseya web page. Or alternatively, does anyone know who to direct link to the Live Connect portal?

    I'm trying to build out a self-service software repo and have it integrate with a portal tool i use called deskdirector. I can do it all custom but thought I'd ask.

  • Could it have been this one?


  • Nope, not that one, but thanks for looking. It was within the past year as I know it was at my new company. It may have been another forum though.

  • You can do the same by creating an asp page that uses the Kaseya API to run a script on a machine