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Anyone else seeing random folders created in C:\Windows\Temp\ folder after installing new Malwarebytes?

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I have brought this up to Kaseya and they deny it.  Can anyone with NEW Malwarebytes look at their C:\Windows\Temp folder?  There are folders named xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx in the temp folder that is growing at an insane rate. 

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  • I have seen this behavior on some of my endpoints. I didn't know what was causing it. I'll have to look and see if there are new KAM clients.

  • Hi  

    I could not find any open tickets. I noticed that all the tickets were marked as solved due to lack of response.

    I am going to re-open your latest ticket which references this is a KAM issue and note my findings on this issue.



  • Following up here, this has been reported to engineering. 

    If you are experiencing this issue - please submit a ticket and reference the following problem ticket # 150046

  • Has there been a fix for this?  

    Or are we expected to check each of our endpoints for this misbehavior?


    We have not released a fix for this yet.

    Please create a support ticket and reference the referenced problem ticket should you want to be notified when the fix is released or the current status of it.

  • I opened a ticket 14570 for this issue on July 18.   I was told on August 23 it was a newly reported issue and would be linked to an engineering case.  I have not received any updates since August 23.


  • Latest Kaseya Patch fixed this issue

  • I have the latest patch and still have the problem.

    I show some folders created today. I just deleted them all and will see if any more pop up.

  • I, too, have this issue. The patch brought the frequency down from 2 folders every 2 minutes to 2 folders every 3 hours. Support sent my ticket back to dev to have them do further research.