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"Manage Agents" tab suddenly empty

  • Has anyone ever seen this before?  It started last Friday afternoon.  We can see agents in every other tab, but the "Manage Agents" page (which is our default page) is completely empty.  View is set to "No view" I tried a "reapply schema" but it made no difference.  I opened a ticket last weekend, and left a voicemail but haven't heard anything back yet.  Posting here in the hopes someone else has had the same issue.

  • Just an update, I have heard back from support and they are going to look at it.  I'll update this ticket in case anyone has the issue in the future.

  • Just wanted to update this:

    Things are working again.  This was due to some internal issues that were totally unique to our implementation.  Kaseya support identified the issue pretty quickly and helped resolve it.

  • Thank you for updating us