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Integration with Connectwise

  • I know when a new agent is deployed, the integration will create a new config in Connectwise. Whenever I delete an agent, I have to manually remove the config from Connectwise. Is there any way to integrate this to automatically delete the config within Connectwise? Thanks.

  • HI NIck

    What Integration tool are you using ?

    I know our Integration Tool enables you to decide which tickets sync etc .. so you can ensure new agents are installed they do NOT sync and create a config until such time as you move them into a specific group or Org that you do want to sync to CW.

    E.g. you can set it up so NO agents in the Unnamed Org Sync , or any agent in any group called  "Unmanaged" etc do not sync



  • Im not sure if its through Kaseya or CW, whatever is the one provided. Mainly what I am trying to figure out is this:

    In Kaseya, if I delete an agent, will it automatically sync with CW and delete the CW config? Right now, if I delete and agent, I am going into the client in CW and manually entering in an expiration date on that config so it will disable that particular config for the agent.

    (what i meant before was, when a new agent is installed, I know that CW automatically syncs and CREATES a new config, which is fine)

  • On second thought, I figured this out and realized I worded previous posts completely wrong. Sorry!

    It is actually turning the config INACTIVE like it should, but it is NOT putting a date on the config as to what day it turned inactive so we have been manually going into the config and setting the Expiration Date to match the day we removed that agent. We do this in case a client or us ever want to know exactly what day we removed that agent.

    Is there anyway to make it automatically add and fill in the date inside the config? This may be a CW issue and NOT a kaseya issue. Thanks in advance!

  • HI Nick

    Our integration doesn't set the CW inactive .. but it could be made to.

    We are able to update any of the standard CW Config fields including dates and Active flag.

    We just haven't coded it to do so yet.

    We can also update CW Config Custom fields(questions) based on Kaseya Audit Custom Fields , so you could also add info there ... but I guess if your deleting the Kaseya Agent then there would be nothing to sync :-)

    So I'll check with our Dev guys to see what they have on the road map.

    I'm also working on a side project where we look at Connectwise Or Autotask and check which Configs created from Kaseya are NOT under an Agreement or Contract , are flagged as inactive or are associated with a Company that is Inactive.

    For each of these we update a custom field in Kaseya to reflect the Machine/Config state in CW.

    E.g. the Custom field would get populated with :

    Active Contract

    Config Inactive

    Company Inactive

    Contract Inactive

    The idea being you can now add a filter to the views in Kaseya used for Policy Management to exclude any machine that contains "Inactive" in the custom field .. the effect being if you set a Config in CW as Inactive or remove it from a contract etc .. then Policy Management will remove all the monitoring from that machine.

    So you basically end up managing your Monitoring deployment from CW

    Would be keen to here any thoughts you have on this


  • NickT,

    It sounds like you are using the Kaseya integration that is provided by Connectwise, which is exactly what we use.  IT only updates the configurations and the agreement numbers without doing anything 'extra' ticketwise, etc like the other integration from mspassist.

    What you are seeing is exactly how connectwise's integration is designed to work.  When an agent is uninstall it simply marks the connectwise configuration inactive.  Unfortunately in my experience it also continues to update that same configuration every day, so you can't even rely on the "history" of the configuration for the last time it was updated.  

    In order to help with auditing changes in the agreement additions at one point in time I actually modified our database to set a trigger to update a custom table with the date and time any configuration gets marked inactive.

  • I see that this thread is rather old, but Paul, i would love to know how/where you were able to map the customer Kaseya fields over to the CW configs.  We too have several custom fields that would be a huge benefit if they were in the CW configs for our dispatcher to easily get to.  Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.  

  • Mapping Custom fields only work at present for an On-Prem VSA

    To do this you first need to make the custom fields visible to Kaseya's API

    This is done quite simply by executing the following SQL query on you Kaseya Database , which takes an existing Database View and allows the API to use and query it

    exec [Hermes].[PublishApiView] vCustomFields,'ksubscribers.dbo.vSystemInfoManual'

    Once done then in the Integration setup screen there is a tab for Custom Fields

    On the LHS will be a list of the Kaseya Custom Fields

    On the RHS will be a list of Server/Workstation fields they can be mapped to

    BUT again if you are using Connectwise this will only work if you are NOT using the 2 default Configuration types

    namely "Managed Server" and "Managed Workstation" , as these 2 are not editable in Connectwise and you cannot add any CW Customfields to map to for these 2 types

    In fact CW refers to them as Questions and Answer

    What you need to do is create your own Config types for Servers , Workstation and then you can add the Questions(Customfields) as required.

    We plan to have this available for SASS soon but are waiting on Kaseya to make the same API call available in SAAS