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Question about File Distribution

  • What is the deal with file distribution. I uploaded a file to (snmpwalk.exe) to my VSA, then pushed it to the endpoint on the Distribute Files page.

    The Agent File Location column is not red, but the file is not present on the endpoint. The path is System32. Do I need to do anything special here?


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    A few possibilities:

    When you define the path, you need to include the full path INCLUDING the file name.  For example:  c:\testFolder\testFile.txt.  If you only include c:\testFolder without the filename, the file will not write.  You can rename the file as it writes to the endpoint.  If the file on the KServer is serverFile.txt but you want the name to be differnent when it exists on the endpoint, just use the file name you want when defining the path.

    You might also check the AP log to ensure there are no defined errors.  The process uses writeFile and verifies the correct version of the file exists on the endpoint during every full check-in.  You might force a full check-in to ensure the agent is actually performing a full (vs. quick) checking.  There is an AP you can use in the Shared > Sample Procedures folder to execute a full check-in.

    You might be running into permission issues.  System folders can be particular about 'who' can write to them.  For testing purposes, try writing to a location you're certain the System account would have rights to write to - like the working directory.  If the file writes to the working dir but not System32, then you're almost certainly running into permission issues and need to address those (consult MS/Windows documentation for specifics).  If you can't write to the working dir, then that would be something different that needs investigation, for which I would recommend a ticket.

  • To add on to 's answer above, you can't use Kaseya variables in the destination path (e.g. #vAgentConfiguration.agentTempDir#\testFile.txt), and as far as I can tell, you can't use system variables (e.g. %SYSTEMDRIVE%\testFile.txt) either.  So just some things to be aware of...