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Data Retention

  • Hi

    Wasn't sure where to ask this so forgive me if this should be in another area.

    Is there a way to increase how long Kaseya stores information from an agent monitor? I've heard that the default value is 30 days and would like to be able to increase that.

    See below example. I would like to see 90 days back for a monitor but I can only see just over a month's worth

  • Hi  

    You can change this setting if your using an on-premise VSA at the section below;

    Please note that changing this setting will impact the amount of data stored in the database and associated to each agent.

  • Thanks for that Nicolas, exactly what I was trying to find!

  • Just a thought though, is it possible to change the timestamp of the logs? When looking at the charts every entry seems to be behind by 8 hours. I have to set each chart to at least 'display 9 hours'  I'm assuming there must be a time zone setting somewhere

  • Hi  

    What specific time stamp are you looking at? Can you show me a screenshot?

    Time displayed in Kaseya can come from multiple settings depending on what you are looking at.

  • I actually found the setting to fix this under System > User Settings > Preferences

    'Select time zone offset' and then I chose to 'Use time zone of the VSA server'

    This corrected the time stamps for me, which is strange because I would have thought that using the time zone of 'the browser logging into the system' would have been the correct one


  • Hi  

    That is correct - also keep in mind this will only change the display settings for your specific user.

    The time stamps inside the alert and received in emails are configured in a different location and are not user-specific (This is changed in Alert page > Format Email > Data key option).