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Set permissions on Shared Files under "Manage Files"

  • Does anyone know of a way to set permissions on folders and files in the Shared files section of Managed Files (under Agent Procedures). I have been unable to determine a way to set these, if it's even possible.

  • Hi  

    Are you trying to change permissions on this folder inside the VSA UI for specific VSA Users?

  • Yes. The goal would be to set permissions either per user or per role.

  • Right click the folder you want to share in Agent Procedures and choose "Share". From there choose the roles or users that you would like to have access to the folder. All procedures and folders newly created will inherit these permissions.

  • Unfortunately, this is not an option in the manage files section. There are no share permissions from what I can tell.

    Based on your response I think you are thinking about the agent procedures and folders themselves. I am referring to the "Manage Files" section.