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List view help

  • I have been trying to figure kaseya out since i replaced a previous tech, my current issue is the antivirus.  When I go to anti-virus/show/machines, i only get 10 out of the 26 machines on the list.  I have installed the AD probe, because it wasn't installed.  I have set up the lan watch (i think) because that wasn't done.  Why is my the list in antivirus not showing all the computers in the network?  While writing this I realized part of the issue, but still have no idea on why they are not all showing.  

    The computers that are showing in the antivirus list are from 192.168.2.x, subnet, the other two are 192.168.1.x, and 192.168.0.x.  All 3 subnets show up on the agent list, and the domain watch. but not the antivirus, I have to punch the name of the computer manually for them to show up.


  • KAV has pagination that the Agent list doesn't have. In the bottom right of the center pane, you can select the number of "devices per page". It defaults to 10.