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Report to show Agent procedure status

  • Hi 

    I am deploying an application using agent procedure

    I would like to know if there is a report that will show me ( Agent Procedure name, Machine name, Last executed, Last execution status ) 

    The report in Info Center all of these information except (Agent procedure name ) ?


  • Hello Mikasem,

    When creating a new report:

    1. Under Layout choose report parts,
    2. Choose the Agent Procedure folder.
    3. Expand Agent Procedure Status
    4. Drag and drop Agent Procedure Log
    5. Under settings by default it will show:
      1. Agent Procedure Name
      2. Admin
      3. Machine Name
      4. Last Execution Time

    You can add Last Exec Status and Procedure Step Descrip.

    On the Filtering section, add a row under Advanced Filters

    Choose Agent Proceudre Name for Field

    Operatoer Equal(=)

    Value, the name of your agent procedure

    Note that I have not figured out how to show only the very last time it was run.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks for that but I cannot see Proceudre Name under advanced filter

    I am running Kaseya 80.0 patch 21

  • , I might suggest using your agent procedure to audit the results of your update.   Is there a file that you could check to see if it has been installed correctly?  You could use an testfile() or hasregistrykey() to see if something happened.  Once you have determined that the script ran successfully you can use the writeprocedurelogentry() command to document it, using "tags".  We use $SomeAppNameHere$, so your Procedure log might look something like "$Java$ updated successfully" or "$Java$ failed to update $OOD$".  By using these tags, you can then run a simple Legacy report on Logs, Agent Procedure Logs, and put the "*$Java$*" (without the quotes) in the "Show entries matching the following description"

    We use the $OOD$ tag to show something Out of Date or basically failed, and you could create a report that ONLY shows the $OOD$, so you could manage based on exceptions, rather than look through 100 entries of positives.

    Anyway, I know it is a little off tangent to your question, but wanted to suggest another idea.   Kaseya will basically say "Success THEN" or "Success ELSE", and depending on the complexity of your procedure, you may have multiples for each entry.  It isn't going to tell you much.   You can use Kaseya to issue a command to the machine to perform an action, and Kaseya might see that as being successful, but the action didn't really succeed, so without an audit of some type, you can't be 100% sure.

  • This is pretty old but in case anyone else comes across this what I ended up doing which was very simple was creating a view and under Agent Procedure, I checked With Agent Procedure, and then selected the procedure I wanted to see either scheduled, or was already successful. Then I ran my standard machine/current user report with that view and I was able to see the everyone this was successful to.

    Chris Amori is definitely correct that this won't necessarily give you an exact report of if it really worked since Kaseya isn't able to differentiate if a procedure or script you sent worked, it simply reports back that it send it and the machine received it. For my purposes the view was all I needed and was quick to set up.