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9.3 KLC no longer allows creation of a monitor on a service

  • In classic KLC while viewing an endpoint, you could view services from the Task Manager Tab and create a monitor on any viewed service.

    It appears that feature has been removed from KLC 9.3. Perhaps it is somewhere else and I just don't see it?

    Or perhaps an OOPS by Dev that this feature was missed?

    Any word from Kaseya would be helpful.

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  • Hi  

    I see you have created a ticket for this, a new problem ticket has been created and sent to engineering.

    Support should provide further updates to you on the status of this via your ticket.

    Should anyone else want to create a support ticket on this - feel free to reference the problem ticket: 138887

  • Did this fall into the blackhole of Kaseya removing features never to appear again?

    I had an open ticket for over 2 years, that was never closed by me.

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