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getOS() returning incorrect result

  • Anyone else ever experienced this? getOS() step is not correctly identifying CPU architectures. Fortunately, it's easy enough to detect other ways but stil...

    I'll be opening up a support ticket but thought I'd ask here as well.

  • Yes, we've found the getOS() step does return the wrong results on a few systems - best we could tell it got a permission error trying to read the particular registry key it checks and 'defaulted' to x86. The machines that return the wrong result do so consistently. I ran a script across every machine to cross-check and assess how widespread this problem was. It only affected a handful of machines out of nearly 3000, and they were all at one particular customer site, deployed at the same time and quite old, so I put it down to some kind of initial build error and didn't worry about pursuing it further.

  • Yes. We've had similar problems. Also with reading text from files. I'm not sure what changed, but a few of the agent procedure commands are flaky now.

  • Certainly works fine for me.

    In the agent procedure logs I see an extra line where a system script "Windows - 32 or 64 bit OS" is run (the getOS() call triggers this), This script checks the OS-bit-type. Your logs show your system apparently isn't running this script.

    You may have a script library error- in which case it's time to run a 'reapply schema' to fix that.

  • We have identified about a half dozen agents where getOS() returns the wrong results (out of around 3000) - all built around the same time for the same customer, so we figured it was some kind of build error. From memory that script checks a registry key and I think odd permissions on that key caused it to default to assuming x86.

  • support advised re-running the loadsubagentprocs.sql which resolved the issue without having to do a full reapply schema.