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Hi Kaseya world!

I am having an issue with deploying software using Ninite pro. I fresh to using this so my knowledge is not too high. 
So i am trying to deploy Skype to a test machine but I am facing the below log:

ERROR: execFileAsUser() failed with error -13 while spawning c:\kworking\KSDU\KSAASC66862461641962\Ninite Skype Installer[15691].exe.

Can anyone advise as to why the cause may be?

Thanks all,


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  • Are you actually using the software deployment modules, or are you just using the ninite pro exe with agent procedures?

  • Hi wellbornsteak. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I am using the software deployment module. I tried utilising the Ninite pro .exe which works fine.

    When running a deployment, I do see files within the File Download folder. It fails at step 30.

    Unfortunately I can't find any useful logs to suggest what the cause is.

  • Hi Guys! So after the upgrade to 9.3.07 I have seen mass improvements with kaseya. Software deployment however I'm still having issues with.

    It actually works when I am logged in with the kaseya admin account. Deploying using Ninite and it works perfectly.

    However, when I am logged in with one of our companies user account, it fails and is unable to execute as the user.

    Any suggestions??