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Kaseya Remote Control plugin install -- signature of this program is corrupt or invalid

  • Is anyone else getting this error in IE when downloading and trying to run KRC plugin: "signature of this program is corrupt or invalid".  We're on version

    updated with version
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  • We're on

  • Hey  

    This issue has been reported to our engineering team.

    If you would like to keep updated on this issue, I would recommend creating a support ticket and asking it to be associated to the problem ticket (124309).

    At this time, I believe this will only be present on Microsoft related browsers.

  • Hello Kuuser,

    Playing with our upgrade test environment.

    Updated my KRC (I was still using previous 9.2 version)

    No issue running it from IE 11 in both normal and compatibility mode.

    Also tested it in Firefox without issues.

    I would first suggest to try it on a clean Windows Machine just to rule out local machine issues.

    Best Regards

  • Entered a ticket...This should probably be communicated to everyone as an issue with the patch so they can weigh the benefits/drawbacks of moving forward with the implementation.

    Added screen capture for reference
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  • Hi All,

    To confirm, this should not have arisen during patch as it was caused by a change with Microsoft (Which is why this will only be visible in Microsoft browsers at this time) and I believe would impact all versions.

    You should not see this message when running Kaseya Remote Control, but when downloading the latest version of the Remote Control installer from a Microsoft browser (Also may see this when downloading the agent package, but I have not been able to reproduce this).

  • Tim, Right click the name of the file and select run anyway, that's what I had to do to install on two of my computers, both gave me the same issue you are having.

    Cheers, Mark

  • Tim, Sorry forgot I had a screenshot to include!

  • I'm having the same issue but with KcsSetup.exe. (Installed Patch Level: This seems to only effect Windows 10.  Win 7 installs okay, not sure about 8/8.1. I also just opened a ticket with Kaseya Support. I hope they post a hot f ix soon.!Tongue Tied