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Database View - BIOS Information

  • Hello,

    I am trying to use updateSystemInformation to add BIOS Vendor, version and release date in to a Custom field.

    This information is located at Audit > System information.

    I can't seem to find any information regarding what databse view this information is in. Does anyone know?

  • You can get the summary of Database Views from this link.


    Oddly enough, what you're looking for is in vvProAssetDetails view.

    If you're looking for it in the Info Center, it's in Audit > Machine Summary 

  • Hi  

    I think you are looking for this:

    So I think you are looking for something like #vAuditMachineSummary.BiosVendor#

  • Thanks a lot for the fast answer. Wish I had found that view earlier. Should be added to the documentation for database views.

  • And here are the rest of the views available if you don't have (or aren't comfortable with) SQL access: