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  • Hello,

    We use Kaseya to monitor  if servers are offline/online.  Works great but on occasion a server goes offline but false alarm since we can remote into the server and it's alive.  When this happens, we usually restart the agent and I would say about a quarter of the time that resolves, but most of the time the only fix is a server reboot.  Any suggestions to fix agent checkin versus having to reboot?  This happened today and we have to go through hoops to reboot this server and seems silly to reboot so we can get VSA agent working again.

    Agent log shows nothing odd

    v1.0 'Timestamp' 'System Status or Error'
    '20160107 02:22:00', 'Total 66 keep alives sent.'
    '20160108 15:16:10', 'Agent stopped v9.2.0.0. Agent started at 23:51:28 Nov 22 2015.'
    '20160108 15:16:14', 'Agent started - 10857616 seconds elapsed since system started v9.2.0.0'
    '20160108 15:16:14.007', 'KEventLog.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 15:16:14.014', 'LogParser.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 15:23:07', 'Agent started - 10858029 seconds elapsed since system started v9.2.0.0'
    '20160108 15:23:07.007', 'KEventLog.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 15:23:07.014', 'LogParser.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 15:23:12', 'KAgentExt.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 15:23:20', 'Username: Administrator'
    '20160108 07:34:46', 'Agent started - 10858728 seconds elapsed since system started v9.2.0.0'
    '20160108 07:34:46.007', 'KEventLog.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 07:34:46.014', 'LogParser.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 07:34:51', 'KAgentExt.dll is loaded. Version'
    '20160108 07:35:00', 'Username: Administrator'

    Not any server in particular, just random.  For example today we updated to and this one server went offline.


  • Hi  

    If you have not done so already, I would recommend creating a support ticket on this issue.


  • I encounter the same issue frequently. It's to the point where I have to click on every offline machine to see if I can log in. My fix is to reinstall the agent with a package that will overwrite the existing installation and then merge the accounts in Agent- Install Agents- Rename.

  • So I have seen that once or twice, I have been contemplating implementing Service Desk procedure to automatically attempt to start the Agent service from another machine on the network, to verify before actually sending the ticket to the helpdesk.

  • I've seen this also. It's infrequent, but seems to happens most often coincident with when a server's internet connection drops out.

    The agent icon on the server shows as if everything is OK (not 'offline') when this happens, however forcing an agent check-in doesn't help -only restarting the agent service fixes it.

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  • This is an issue we've seen a few times, just incidents really, nothing structural. Reinstalling the agent on a machine that has this issue is your best solution for a permanent fix.

    But, if you have a lot of these problems a ticket should be made to check on your VSA if things are OK. And maybe a forced update of the agent can be tried, or doens't the agent process Agent Procedures anymore?