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RDS over Cellular

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When I try to take my work to the cabin I run into an issue.  When I attempt to manage computers remotely from my laptop over a 4G LTE cellular connection, the connection drops after a minute or two, it allows me to reconnect right away, but its very annoying getting kicked off. my cellular connection is about  ping 60ms, 30mbps down and 15 mbps up. 

What would cause this? is it possible to have a fairly stable connection over 4G LTE?

Thanks so much for your input.

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  • How strong of a signal do you have?

    It is most definitely possible to have a stable signal over an LTE circuit, although I've never seen it live up to the speed billing it gets.

    The things I can think of are poor signal of a faulty component.

  • Thanks for the response, its a remarkably strong connection, speeds are good, very little jitter on the line. I use some other software I use like Go To Meeting and Teamviewer and they have no issues. If you have a thought on some settings I could check it would greatly appreciated...Browser doesn't seem to matter either though I generally use IE11

  • Are you connecting with tethering? Mobile hotspot? If so, some of kaseya's stuff might be getting temporarily blocked on the device.

  • I use a Sierra Wireless modem that connects via USB. Unfortunately I am not aware of any way to get into advanced settings on it like you would with a standard modem or router. I was hoping it was a setting on my computer or browser. Perhaps I would be best advised to research the modem a little more or even my carrier.

    Thanks for the reply.