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  • I spent a whole day today on a MVP meeting to learn more about the future of IT management.
    What I particularly noticed is that the hybrid environment is at the doorstep (or already is inside) and that it's growing at a rapid rate. (They mented 500 additional options every 6 weeks!) With hybrid i mean Azure. Whether this is in the cloud or onpremiss as Azure Stack.

    How does kaseya handle this? How to monitor and manage this environment from Kaseya?
    Because with the arrival of the new Azure (or Azure Stack) you don't have traditional environments anymore. Everything has become a resource. Even a NIC will now be a resource.

    One of the speakers dropped that Microsoft Azure doesn't provides support for 3rd parties management systems. Yes as a software-based web-app but not for the complete management of your Azure environment.

    Does this mean the end of products such as Kaseya?
    I notice that there has not yet become a little talk in the community about this hot topic?
    What are your experiences with it? How does your internal organization arranging with this type of innovations?

    Like to hear from you

  • None of our clients are on Azure as yet - and none intend to.

    Here in Australia the cost:benefit analysis just doesn't make sense - I can option up an in-house server environment for, say, $15k purchased outright. To 'rent' the same from azure is around $1k per month forever ongoing - so if the life of the system is say 5 years, then it's obvious Azure is overpriced vs. buying outright., over the intended life span.

    Azure doesn't eliminate the MSP as the average client isn't technically savvy and wants their existing MSP to "look after" it anyhow. (Our design, management and support fees as the MSP are basically the same either way).

    I'm looking at this from the SOHO/SMB space - businesses with <50 users and no in-house IT skills. It may be different in the >100 user space where there are many servers involved and you need more than just one or two servers and a small UPS you can shove in a corner.

    Also, internet speeds in this county are woeful - ADSL2+ is the norm, with an average of 6Mb/s download and 0.7Mb/s upload. That's way too slow for cloud, especially if you have 20 or 30 users hammering it simultaneously.

    20M/20M fibre is over $1k/month, 10/10 EoC is closer to $500/month if you can get it. There are also data usage fees on top of that - $$$ per gig used. Uploads and downloads are both counted both ways, so you're double-billed for the same data going between two sites, for example. These costs are to high in the SMB/SOHO space.

  • Craig,

    Azure is booming here and with Fiber connections almost everywhere availible it's become more and more interesting. I agree that the MSP market remains but we'll be on the eve of interesting changes.

    As MSP our strength lies in knowledge and automation. Proactively act on problems and monitoring the whole environment.

    I wonder how long it will be before Kaseya can monitor these hybrid environments. And of course if it is ultimately possible.

  • We do not have any Azure users either if you do not count Azure AD/O365. Mostly because our customers do not want that their servers/data (e-mail. onedrive for business/sharepoint is an exception tho) is located outside Finnish borders so we sell them our own VMware vCloud solution.

    Some customers use AWS to test stuff but they are not really in production use.

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