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Antimalware (Malware Bytes)

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I wanna deploy Antimalware on some clients.

the most clients are windows 7 and windows 8 that is not an problem.

Our new computers are windows 10 and thats not supported.

We wanne putt antimalware on the windows 10 pc using Kaseya(patch (

i hope someone knows ive there comes a update or do i need to search to a alternitive?


Yordi Boertie

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    Kaseya is currently working with our partners to get the updated versions of their code and integration those into the VSA code.  I expect we'll have additional information in the coming weeks, but I don't have specific detail on the status at this time.  As we have status to share, we will post that to the community.

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    I was able to get the following update, which applies to all add-on modules including KAM:

    Kaseya VSA add-on modules are in the process of certification testing. All modules are planned to be in full Win10 compliance with the release of Kaseya VSA 9.2 in early to mid Q4’2015. More details on the exact dates will be available in the September issue of the Kaseya Customer Success Newsletter.

  • Hi Yordie, the new Kaseya patch adds extra Windows 10 support for Software Deployment and Update and support for the Backup module. Since there seems to be a security issue, you should patch before the 10th when details about the issue become publicly known.

    We are hoping that version 9.2 at the end of this month will add the needed support for security products.

    Until that time we're trying to stop customers from randomly upgrading.

    Just 3 windows 10 installs in Kaseya at this time out of some 5.000.