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System tray icon distorted

  • I have setup the agents to install a custom system tray icon. The icon appears fine on the agent deploy page, but once installed with the agent it gets distorted.

    I've read the artlicle on creating an image with Visual Studio and tried that and the image is still blurry. Originally, I created the icon with Photoshop and set the size to 32X32 and it looks fine everywhere except the system tray.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the distorted icon to appear properly?

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  • It's a bug that I've noticed since 4.8. Support is supposed to be working on a fix for it. It has something to do with the library they are using to render the icons on the agent. There isn't any fix yet, that I know of.

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  • Thanks for the reponse.

    Does everyone using 4.8 have distorted icons on all of their agents?

    What are people doing, deploying distorted agents, or hiding them altogether?

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