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Upgraded to patch which broke few things

  • I have recently Upgraded to patch which broke few things.

    Info Center > Dashboard > View Dashboard AND Monitors > Agent Monitoring > Alerts throw "HTTP 500.100 - Internal Server Error - ASP error"


    Opened a support ticket #91665 and they replies which meant live with this error till we fix it. They acknowledged it as possible defect.

    Any suggestion is appreciated to fix this.



  • I'm getting similar problems when editing Monitor Sets.

  • I logged a ticket on this #86601 on June 1. I believe I was amongst the first to find this bug which started for me on patch

    I've since moved to VSA 9.1 and the problem has gone away.

    I found I could get the functions to work if I change the view ... usually the <no view> worked, but selecting any

    view filter caused the bug to appear.

  • Today they released which I installed and Monitoring > Alerts page is good but Info Center > Dashboard > View Dashboard still has issues.

  • Craig How was your upgrade to 9.1 smooth or loaded with hiccups?

  • My 9.1 update went very smoothly indeed, as virtually all my Kaseya upgrades do.

    I've mostly observed that people who have issues with upgrades have HUGE databases e.g. 1000+ agents, lots of modules,etc. so the upgrade scripts tend to time out due to the big workload involved.

    You can help alleviate this by doing the upgrade at a time when many agents are offline (night, weekend) as well as ensuring your VSA (particularly your SQL) has plenty of resources e.g. RAM, CPU, disk etc. and isn't busy i.e. you're not putting a big load on the system by, say, backing it up, while you're upgrading.

    I've also upgraded one version at a time e.g. 6.5 -7 -8 - 9 - 9.1. I'm sure there's a higher likelyhood of more issues if you're trying a 7 to 9.1 in a single leap, for example, or if you use a lot of third party add-ons.

    for the record we have around 250 agents, KES, KAK, KBU, SEP, VEEAM modules, our DB is around 25Gb. Our server is a 4 core Xeon E2600 with 250Gb of SAS 10k disk and 8Gb RAM.

  • That make sense and I thank you for sharing that statistics. I have 1300+ agents and I too have moved upgrade one step at a time like you did. Mine is a virtual box on xeon quad core dual socket with configuration as per recommendations.

    Presently I am at 9.0.14 with a broken discovery and dashboard. Looking for upgrade to 9.1 to see if that give me these modules working.