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Was the number pad issue in KRC resolved?

  • I couldn't find the resolution in the threads discussing it -- was there a workaround posted to get number pad in new KRC working?

  • Working on my R9.1 test server.

  • Hello 'kuuser',

    There was a fix posted for this issue in Kaseya R9 - what version of Kaseya are you currently running?

    See the Knowledge based article below for more information on this KRC issue.


    Kaseya Remote Control


    Fixed an issue that prevented numlock from working in Kaseya Remote Control.



  • I note that the issue below fixed in and it does not appear to be fixed in version 9.

    Fixed an issue that caused the CTRL key to get stuck after clicking the Alt Gr key while in a remote session. (IP-852/D2)

  • Adrian,

    If you are experiencing an issues that has been reported as fixed in a version, and you are running said version at the necessary patch level, please open a ticket with Support at helpdesk.kaseya,com.  It is possible there is a separate or secondary contributing factor in your environment.  Support can help sort this out.

  • We're on version currently and it isn't working.  I'd open a support ticket but don't have the time.

  • I am on currently and it isn't working either. Someone else can do the support ticket on this.

  • Hello,

    I checked with a KRC Specialist and this issue should have been resolved with the release of R9. One thing to try is to force an update of the agents to get any new KRC fixes applied.

    Try this on an agent that shows the issue.

    > Agent > Update Agent - Force update even if agent is at version 9.XXX - XXXX

    If you are still seeing the issue then we would need our support team to look into the issue further for you.

    Please open a ticket with Support at helpdesk.kaseya,com