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Kaseya - New Cloud Version ?????

  • Does anyone have more details about the new Cloud only version of VSA Kaseya is going to release?  Apparently there will be the On-Prem Version that we currently have now another product totally different hat is Cloud Only.  At this point Kaseya has pushed it to the limit for me and I am going to try investigating my options.  They have not resolved major issues with current product and they are working on and instead developing something new they can sell.  With this new product I am sure Kaseya is going to be less interested about On-Prem customers that have already purchased the product.  We have not noticed any new feature add-on's that justify steep monthly maintenance at all and possibly much less going forward due to the dev team working on this new product.

    Its possible I do not have correct information about this new product - Kaseya team please chime in and give us more details about it.  I need to understand if the web product is completely different monitoring solution and how it differs from our current On-Prem solution.

  • Richie,

    Kaseya currently offers an OnPremise and a Kaseya Cloud Hosted version of the VSA.  Both products are available and are pretty close to parity with each other.  If you want to use EMM, the new Mobility solution, that is currently only supported for the OnPremise version of Kaseya, but is coming to Cloud.  At Connect, Kaseya announced Helios.  You can watch the Kaseya Connect Keynote about the plans for On Premise, Cloud, and Helios here:  http://kaseyaconnect.com/ceo-keynote-join-the-it-management-cloud-revolution/

    I would also strongly encourage you to register for and attend the Roadmap webinar scheduled for July 8th, as you will likely find some answers to your above questions in this session.  Register here:  http://info.kaseya.com/2015Q2-RoadmapWebinar.html?adk=Kaseya&source=Website

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  • What is Helios  -That's what I am referring to.  Is that something totally different from current RMM.

  • Richie - my apologies.  As I was writing the first post, it submitted prematurely.  I've edited the post to include the intended information.

  • OK I will register fro the webinar - Thx for the quick reply.