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Run Agent Procedure when agent is installed

  • I used to have agent procedures automatically run when an agent is installed by using a template agent. I would schedule the agent procedure for sometime in the past and use that as a template on the Deploy Agents page. This no longer works. For some reason the agent procedure does not get scheduled when the new agent is installed.

    What is the betst way to automatically run an agent procedure when an agent is installed?

  • Did you have the procedure set to skip if offline perhaps?

  • No, it is not set to skip if offline.

  • I agree, I used to do the same in the past. I havent setup a template for anything other than automatic group placement since R7 however. We've moved completely into Policy Management for everything (we could possibly even use the gateway setting to eliminate the need for multiple templates but we have some roaming machines). I can vouch that when policies are initially processed, the scripts and setting are applied very early. You could possibly use a policy to schedule a script to run once, and assign it to a top level group.

  • You can use the 'New Agent Installed' per organization within policy or through the monitoring module in the alerts pane.

    Good luck.