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Unique Citrix Agent question

  • G'day All, I've been reading through these posts and so far there is no definitive answer . . .

    I have a site where they use Citrix XenApp and Machine Creation Services (MCS)

    To deploy Xenapp servers, they have a Gold Master image - this is a normal server that they start and update with patches, new versions of software etc.

    This machine is then snapshotted and the workload (XenApp) Servers are created from that snapshot.

    If we install the Kaseya Agent on the Gold master, we will end up with duplicates (I believe)

    If we install the Kaseya Agent on the XenApp servers, we lose them each reboot.

    Is it possible to select a few machines and automatically have an agent 'pushed' to it each logon?

    What is the Best Practices around installing the Agent for MCS?


  • James,

    Not sure I can directly answer your question, but regarding preinstalling the Kaseya agent on a Gold Image - you can do this successfully (and then deploy the gold image to endpoints) IF you install the agent but DO NOT allow the agent to check into the Kaseya server.  This allows the agent software to be installed, but will prevent the agent from being assigned a unique agent ID (GUID) or record in the database.  The the record is created and the AgentGUID is assigned to the device when the agent first checks in to the KServer.  

    If you accidentally allow the agent to checkin from your Gold image, and then deploy that image to endpoints, you will end up with duplicates in the VSA (for example, MachineA will be the first machine to check in.  The next will be MachineA-1, the next MachineA-2, and so on).  

    As long as you can prevent the agent from checking in, you should be able to preinstall the agent software w/o creating duplicates after deployment of the image.

  • Hmmm, a good point..

    But how to prevent that on a gold master that gets updated reasonably often . .

    Group policy preventing the service from running?

    Thanks Brande