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KRC woes

  • Ugh, very often when remoted on KRC stops letting me click on things and doesn't update.  It's as if the remote session has basically just converted to a screenshot.  Closing and re-opening sometimes lets me re-connect.  Another woe is I'll have several sessions open, then as I click to switch between them in my taskbar, when I click on them in the taskbar they just disappear, so I have to re-connect to them all again.  Does anyone else have these issues?  I'm wondering if there's an issue with the setup or if that behavior is expecting from KRC at this point.

  • ditto.    in addition to your described symptoms, we see many times a remote session won't connect resulting with a "machine not online" message even though I'm using network resources from that server.   If I remote into another server on the same VMWare stack, it's fine.   Then in a while I can try that server again and it will connect.    It's been quite flaky for us lately.

  • what versions are you both running?


  • kuuser: I had similar issues when I was on V8 but they were all resolved with patch After you installed patch 13, did you force and Update of Agents to all the clients in question?

  • I haven't in a couple weeks, thanks for reminding me, I'll do that now and see if it gets better.

  • I'm on and still very often get "Machine not online" or "Connecting..." and I think another one was "Disconnected".

    These are even connecting to servers on the same network as the kserver and my own workstation.  I'll be able to connect successfully one minute and trying again a few minutes later get one of the above messages.

  • Updating the agents is all very well, but Kaseya do not make this easy:

    -  the release notes don't specify an agent update is required

    -  The agent version does not increment when it is updated after a patch that contains fixes.  This has been raised with Kaseya many times before, but they do not seem to get it.  Makes it harder to ensure you update them all.

    If only Kaseya would keep the core product maintained....

  • I have a lot of issues not being able to connect to KRC after flipping ip addresses or connection state.

    For example, if connected via KRC, and the client is switching ISPs. Any changes in the ISP IP address, or the ISP connection state will bug out KRC, even if the agent is checking in.

    KRC will say "machine offline" even though it is online.

    This happens if resting ISP connection, doing an ISP failover, or changing IP addresses on the ISP gateway.

    It also occurs if changing IP addresses on the client machine,, or any connection state changes on the client machine.

    It's not an issue if using good ol' KVNC. What I'll usually do, is do my IP re-config/connection state reset, then reconnect via KVNC.