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Kaseya Remote Control says "Connected" yet no screen

  • Kaseya Remote Control very often says "Connected" yet no screen.  Maybe 50% of the time it will connect if I keep closing and retrying, but others never show the screen despite the Connected message.  This happens on many agents, perhaps XP more than others.  Anyone else with this issue or thoughts?

  • Yes i've had this issue as well. Happens more often when the endpoint has poor internet connection.

  • This has already been reported and a fix is being tested now and was reported to me to be in Patch 9.0.5 to released any day now.

  • It would be helpful to receive better feedback if you could tell us the VSA version you are currently experiencing this issue with.

  • We're on

  • you should install patch 8.0.13 as everything was fixed in 13.

  • The issue exists in also.  Looking forward to R9 - hopefully this is addressed.

    FYI was released today.  Nothing in the notes about Remote Control...


  • Marc  There is no item in the Patch release Notes in and 14 for KRC. So I would expect that this product has received no updates.

  • - if you want to use RC I'd advise DO NOT upgrade to R9