To change the names of the agents in Kaseya you will need to go to the agentstab> Install agents> and choose the rename account on KServer immediately, then press "Rename agent"

If you have not renamed the machine and the account has been renamed The Client continues to try to check into the system with the old name. The server will automatically create a new account for that machine using the name it is trying to check in with. Update the account name at the Client by right clicking the Client menu and entering the new account name. the agent's name is defined at the time that the agent is installed. Renaming the agent wont cause the agent name to be automatically renamed unless you go to the system tab -> naming policy, and check the "Force machine ID to always be computer name" box.

I believe the issue here, is caused by a misunderstanding. When you renamename an AGENT, either via the admin GUI or via the client, you are renaming JUST the agent. When you rename the computer, the AGENT NAME stays the same... They are 2 separate properties

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