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Setting up Kaseya for the first time (demo-version)

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I'm trying the Kaseya for the first time. I need to figure out what kind of information Kaseya is gathering and reporting about variety of devices in my network (especially UPS units, printers and single workstations - Windows based). When I'm trying to do network discovery it hangs for me and agent status is 'Installing'.

Can I ask why?

I've also found the device templates for different vendors - can I ask about meaning of them? (Network Monitor --> Settings --> Device templates). Do I need to create my own XML files to use them?

There other thing is network connectivity - what ports (TCP/UDP) Kaseya is using for managing the assests and for network discovery?

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  • Hello  

    In regards to your questions - 

     Question 1: If the Discovery > LAN Watch by Network is stuck on the 'Installing' phase, this indicates that it may be an issue with the selected probe machine.

    During this "Installing" phase it is laying down the NMAP related files to perform the discovery within the Agent Installation Directory. (Default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\CUSTID\LAN Watch\ folder.

    If this folder is not present in that directory Security/AV programs may be removing it or it may not have been pushed down at all.

    A way to verify why this is happening is reviewing the Agent > Agent Logs > Agent Procedure Logs on the probe machine.

    Question 2: The device templates within Network Monitor are pre-built monitor templates. They can be applied to devices directly from KNM and do not require any of your own XML files.

    Question 3: The Kaseya Agent mainly uses port 5721, however for optimal KRC performance port 3478 should be open as well.


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  • Hi Nicolas,

    have a problem with the lanwatch on a server which stays in performing deep scanning.

    just checked and the folder "lan watch"  is present on the server.


  • Hi  

    Have you created a support ticket on this issue? If yes, could you please provide the ticket number?

    This can be an isolated problem to the machine itself.

    Could you also provide a screenshot of the Agent Procedure log showing this failure or the last step the LAN Watch procedure completes?

    Kind Regards,