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KES Directory and Extension Exclusions

  • Hi All

    Having an issue with Sybiz Vision Accounting software. Despite excluding all Vision directories (server and workstation) and all data file extensions (it is developed in Foxpro) The KES AVG engine is still slowing down Sybiz dramatically - from 11 sec start to 2 min + start and similar degradation for reports etc. The avg process hasmoderate CPU activity during the waiting period. Disabling AVG/file protection clears problem.

    Workstations:have excluded local c:\program files\vision as well as the mapped v:\vision and subdirectories one by one.(is there a way to exclude all subdirectories?) Have also excluded c:\windows\csc as Microsoft process monitor software showed regular activity there but no change.

    Server: have excluded d:\vision and subdirectories one by oneor disabled serverKES for testing.

    File extensions: have excluded *.cdx; *.dbf; *.fpt; *.frt; *.frx; *.mdb; *.rpt;

    At the moment only way to be operational short of replacing the AV is to stop file protection - not desireable at all.

    Any thoughts.

    David Simmons

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  • Analysis of network traffic (just with task manager network performance on server) indicated that the extension and directory exclusions actually created more network traffic than without. The more exclusions the more traffic.

    On this site I ended up reverting back to a profile without exclusions.

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