I am trying to automate the installation of McAfee AntiVirus.  I was able to create a procedure to copy the installer to the local computer from the Kaseya host, and run the installer with the correct parameters.  The problem is that each customer has a different company-id that has to be include via the command-line.  I have tried to use getvariable to prompt for the key it it did not work.  

The working procedure is as follows:

writefile ("VSASharedFiles\McAfee\vssetup.exe", "#vAgentConfiguration.AgentTempDir#\vssetup.exe", "All Operating Systems", "Continue on Fail")
executeFile("C:\pcsworking\vssetup.exe", "/CK=1234567890123455678901234 /Email=administrator","Execute as System and Wait", "All Operating Systems", "Continue on Fail")

I would like a prompt to come up when the procedure is run asking for the customer ID  The procedure would then use that variable in place of the "1234567890123455678901234"

I could never get it to work.  Any help would be appreciated.