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Policy for Onboarding - Scripts to run immediately

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I'm trying to create a policy with a couple of Agent Procedures scheduled that I set to "Once". I want them to run when a new agent checks in to a group where the policy is applied.

The problem is that the agent checks in - and gets the script scheduled for next day.

The "old" method was to use "Copy Settings" and schedule onboarding script on an empty agent template. But I find that using policys is much more efficient when dealing with a lot of agents and procedures.


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    There have been a lot of comments on this topic in the "Kaseya R8: Reviews and Issues" thread


    Lots of reasons why this is important have been posted there.

    We have a lot of Policies configured for a lot of scheduled tasks. It is important to us for all of the "past" tasks run within an hour or two of a new agent checking in. Right now, any scripts scheduled to run in the past via Policies do not get scheduled to run until the next day -- which does not work for us,


  • Thanks for the reply. I've created a ticket with Kaseya on this. Ticket no is #61423.


  • Response from Kaseya:


    the engineering team have advised that although this may not work the way that you would like, it is working as it was designed, and as this is an existing way of working, it cannot be changed, as other users that are used to the software working this way would be negatively affected by this change being implemented.

    All I can suggest at this point is that you raise it as a feature request.

  • Feature request regarding this:


  • Hi Nicklas,

    Have you tried using the new agent installed alert in monitor > alerts?

    You can associate a non-system script to execute as an alarm action as soon as a new agent is installed into a specific machine group.

    This should work for you if you are using non-system agent procedures.

    However, please be aware that onboarding several hundred or thousands of machines at once cause hundreds or thousands of pending procedures which could possibly impact the performance of your Kaseya Server.

    Kind Regards,