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Monitor set for Active directory

  • Dear All,

    I want to monitor security group changes in Active directive accounts to be executed each night and send an email to xxx@xyz.com when a group change is detected in an account. can some one suggest me in this i have to create a monitor set or there is a different method to monitor.

  • +1.  I was just talking about this last week.  We were looking to monitor a security group, and make sure that there were not any changes. Specifically, we wanted to make sure that a specific user account was a member of the group, and we wanted to know if/when the user account was removed from the security group.  

    If anyone knows how to monitor this, I would love to know.

    Warm Regards,


  • mann05,

    Its not real-time monitoring, so it might not need your needs.  But I wanted to share the following:

    So I did a little more research just now.  I found the following command:

    net group /domain <your_groupname>

    It appears to run on domain controllers. I was thinking I could maybe run the command and export the results to a text file, and then search that text file.  

    I had a few problems trying to get it to to execute correctly. Ultimately, I ended up with the following:

    NET GROUP GROUP_NAME c:\rmm_temp\group_results.txt

    And it worked. The text file shows a list of users who are in the group.

    Now I just need to write a script that executes the command on a daily basis, and searches the results, and generates an alert of the users account I am looking for is not present.

    Warm Regards,