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Service Desk email responses and reply's

  • Hello,

    We are currently running Kaseya 6.5 and using Service Desk for our ticketing system. We have email messages being sent out with changes/closing of tickets. However, If a user replies to the email, the tickets never get updated with the response. I have noticed that the emails I receive from "Service_Desk" (Kaseya) have a noreply@blabla.net address. Is there a way to setup Kaseya Service Desk to add the emailed responses into the original ticket?

  • SD is a pig to configure properly. Follow help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm and pay close attention to step 6 - configure procedure variables.

    your issue is most likely that client replies are not reaching you, because you haven't set the correct reply-to address variables.

  • Craig,

    Thank you. It seems that we have everything setup correctly, but gmail is changing the reply to address.