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Migrating from SaaS to On prem

  • I am beginning the migration from the SaaS version to the On Prem.  I am interested in knowing if anyone has made this move or if I am the only one in history to do this.  I am also curious if you have any tips that might make the transition easier.  I have sent at least 4 unanswered e-mails to my sales rep over the past few weeks about this.  At one point he said there was a team that would be able to help me migrate some data/policies/scripts over but he has failed to get me that information even after many many attempts to contact him.  I digress...

    I really don't want to set up each of my customers and the machine grouping system again.  Let alone all the windows update profiles and scripts I have written over time.  Each of my employees have their own scripts and views as well that would need to be redone. 

    Does anyone have any advice that might make this process easier? 

  • What is it with Kaseya that they seem to hate to reply to requests for help? It's a constant refrain here... Anyway, have you opened a ticket with support? While you may not hear back from them either at least you can then post the ticket number here and maybe Varun can get you some support. Not sure what else to suggest. I started with on prem so no help there.

  • My sales rep must have seen this forum post because he sent me an E-mail.  He said that I can only move over the things I can export like policies and monitor sets.  This helps a little but no configurations can be moved over which is 90% of what i needed.  Going to be a very long process just because SaaS is garbage lol.

  • Hi Ryan,

    What type of configurations are you trying to move over specifically?

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  • Machine groups, Organizations, Windows update profiles, policies, agent procedures (for all users)

    views (for all users), Users, User roles, Scopes, Deploy agent installers, Custom reports, Custom Alert/Alarm settings

    KNM alert/alarm settings

    Just to name a few.

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  • I feel your pain, Ryan. All I can say is that you're going to be a master at taking screenshots by the time you're done...

  • A large amount of what you're after can be exported via System > Import Center

    The machine groups can be done by using check-in control and pointing the agents to your new server.

    You will still have a wee bit of work but a lot can be exported and imported.

    I'll caveat this by saying I've never used the SaaS platform so perhaps some options are missing for you.

  • What is the 'check-in' control.  And thanks so much about the import center.  I totally forgot about that piece.  Looks like it wont be as much work as I thought.  If I can somehow get to where I dont have to create all those organizations and groups I think I will be in good shape.

  • Check-in control is under the Agent tab.  It lets you move agents to another Kaseya server. We have a few servers to it lets us move them about without having to recreate.

  • Ryan,

    Just out of curiosity. Why are you switching from SaaS to on prem?

  • There are too many reasons to list in this forum post but ill try to mention a few of the top reasons.

    1. We require Scorpion Auth Anvil software, Saas does not offer this at the moment, and doesn't seem it will be offered anytime in the foreseeable future.

    2. We experience very long load times on the web pages, especially with the reports, agent status, alarm summary pages and believe this is an issue with the saas model.  We believe going on prem will speed up our web page load times.

    3. During the day, multiple times a day all 1000+ of our agents will go offline, and come back online 10-15 minutes later.  This happens during all hours and the only thing I can think of is its Kaseya rebooting the SaaS server.  This is highly annoying and extremely nonprofessional.  I hate never actually knowing if kaseya is going to be up, or down when I sign in.  We moved to Kaseya for the primary purpose of remoting software, if they reboot during the day, we lose our entire support line until its backup.  It wouldn't be so bad if these reboots were planned and we were informed, but we never get informed, and they are never planned. I placed a ticket on this issue 7 days ago, although it has been happening for much much longer than that.

    4. The ability to see our own database

    5. The ability to wait and upgrade at our choosing after bugs have been fixed (assuming kaseya actually fixes the bugs)

    Those are probably the top 5 reasons.