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I have raised this as an App Infrastructure: Refer to the link below


The issue that is quite annoying where when a user clicks on Contact Support through Agent Menu (Link is configured to mailto:example@support.etc<mid>etc...)

It opens up a web browser (or if a web browser is already open, it opens up a new tab within that web browser) with the URL usually pointing to our Kaseya Virtual Administrator login page or the agent deployment link "kaseya.company.dl.asp?". Also doing the correct job that is preferred by opening the default mail client and creating a new e-mail with the recipient added and also a subject including the machine ID.

What we want is to just have the Default Mail Client open upon clicking on Contact Support creating a new e-mail with the recipient and subject line WITHOUT having a web browser open or new tab open in web browser.

This is quite an inconvenience with our clients and would like it to be fixed.

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Comment if you also have the same issue.

Thank you dedicated Community members of Kaseya.

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