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Agent Icon/Quick View Icon Now Launches Remote Control after Update to 7.0

  • After moving from Kaseya 6.3 to 7.0, the biggest gripe around our office is that clicking the agent icon opens Remote Control instead of KLC in a new tab. Where is the option to revert this functionality - we can't find it anywhere?


  • KRC is now the default, however, if you hold the CTRL key and click the icon it will launch LiveConnect.

    - Max

  • Well that isn't ideal at all. Goodness-gracious, how can you have a feature work a certain way for so many years then change how that feature works without a way to change it back? Oh well, one more hurdle in my daily life.

  • I understand your pain, I had the same issue initially but in my experience, you'll get use to (and hopefully like) the new functionality fairly quickly.

    - Max

  • Well, we rarely have to use Remote Control connectivity - it would be a 90%/10% balance in favor of KLC over Remote Control, so it is unfortunate for us.

  • Someone somewhere in this forum posted a hack to bring the old behavior back.

  • Thanks, I found it over here: