We've recently switched over to Kaseya 7. I've been having some trouble getting KAgent to install on a 2009 iMac running Mavericks. The "tailored" agent downloads and extracts, as well as /.KcsSetup. But when I run KAgent.app, nothing happens. Some further investigation shows that the agent installer is complaining that it cannot find cmdLine.cmd in the installer bundle, even though its been successfully extracted to the same directory as KcsSetup.app. Outside of somehow adding it to the .app contents, I've tried making sure Everyone can read the ./KcsSetup directory, attempting to run the silent installer in /var/tmp to see if it can somehow be pointed to the appropriate directory and contemplated formatting the machine hosting the server and using strictly sneaker net as a system support tool. Has anyone else encountered this? The googling I've done has been of little help.

Thanks for any help.