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AntiMalware Profile not being applied via Policy

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Currently running VSA 6.5 and I have virtually all other settings applied via policy including the AV profile. For some reason, the AM profile will not apply via policy and this is causing all machines to show as non-compliant. I opened a ticket to support but haven't heard back for a week now. 

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

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  • Please post your ticket number here so that Varun can go over and attempt to get support to respond to you.

  • Forgot that part, the ticket is 40120

  • Rusty,

    I'm also having issue assiging KAM profiles and getting agents to update/scan, however i dont use policy management for this. This issue has been ongoing since April (ticket 15404).

  • Is there any news or update on this?

  • Varun, were you not able to get support to respond to Rusty's ticket? Is there another procedure he needs to follow to get support to respond or update him on the status of his ticket?

    Rusty, if you don't get any response from Varun and support please call your sales rep to complain. Complaining to the sales rep has also been known to produce a response from support on occasion, too.

  • Rusty,

    You had sent the kaseya support account info last Thursday EOD, right?

    The team in still looking into this issue.

    You should hear from them soon.