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Kaseya Agent procedure for Sophos Safegaurd 6.1

  • I have created a procedure as per Sophos Guide but it doesn't seem to work full.

    Sophos Commands:

    Command name


    Additional parameters/supplements (optional)

    sgdeadmin --version

    displays version and copyright information of the installed product

    sgdeadmin --status

    returns system status information such as version, server and certificate information.


    returns information of the user currently logged on

    --all displays information for all users (sudo required)

    --xml returns output in xml format.


    displays policy-specific information. Key GUIDs are resolved to key names if possible. Bold print indicates a personal key.

    --all displays information for all users (sudo required)

    --xml returns output in xml format


    forces an immediate server contact (needs working server connection).


    imports the FileVault 2 recovery key, overwrites existing recovery key

    --force existing recovery key will be overwritten without any additional confirmation

    "recoverykey" if it is not entered, user will be asked for it

    sgdeadmin --import-config "/path/to/target/file"

    imports the specified configuration zip file. See also Manual (attended) installation (section 2.2). The command needs administrative rights (sudo).


    Use the drag and drop functionality to drag a complete path from, for example, the Finder into the Terminal application.

    My Procedure :

    Let me know if you can see it. Its just a screen shot

  • which part doesn't work?

  • Seems like the import the config file .zip doesn't work

  • Looks like the certificate isn't installed on Mac is there a way that Kaseya can add a cert and say trust all through a agent procedure.

  • I found two links that may be helpful on my first Google search:



  • Ok I got the Cert to come in but the command to import the config files works with terminal as sudo but doesn't work through kaseya. Command is sudo sgdeadmin --import-config "/tmp/config.zip"

  • Our commands run as root so you typically don't need to sudo them.