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How to deny access to certian websites

  • I am interested in finding a way to allow internet access with IE but deny access to certian websites...myspace.com for example.

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  • Their are numerous ways to do this, but the simplest way without buying some sort of filtering software is to place the website in the hosts file and either redirect it to an invalid page or redirect it to an internal page that states the page they attempted to access is restricted.

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  • If you looking for a company wide solution. You can try to simply just direct their dns server to say the company domain controller as primary. That way there is a very nice central management of websites that you want to point to your custom webpage that’s says "you are wasting company time and money" or what ever. just add entrees for say AOL, Myspace and Youtube to point to the company server website and it will be fixed. If they are semi computer literate then deny access to the network tab from a domain controller.

    Host file work good to especially when you write a script to over rite the host file with your own once a week or so. Even if they get smart it wont help them.

    And yes I do have to deal with non productive workers as well.

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