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Need a script to silently uninstall anti-virus

  • Hello,

    I need to install multiple KES licenses on machines. But on some machines, there are conflicts with other anti-virus, which does not allow me to install KES. Is there a way to uninstall anti-virus through a script without user interaction?

    Thanks !!

  • No one script to uninstall all anti-virus programs. You'll need separate scripts for for each type of AV.

  • I've scripted the Symantec Competitive Uninstall Tool to good effect.  Ironically, if you add Symantec to its INI file, you can uninstall Symantec as well Wink

  • Silent removal of antivirus is one of the most difficult scripting challenges. There is no silver bullet. AppRemover and SEPprep are decent attempts at it though. Also, ESET has a list of removal utilities here: kb.eset.com/.../index

  • SMason
    Silent removal of antivirus is one of the most difficult scripting challenges.

    Agree with SMason on this, and perhaps I over-simplified.  There are more than a handful of occasions where (for whatever reason--SEPPrep failing, an uninstall password specified on existing AV, reboot requirements, etc.) I had to manually and purpose-build a script just for that one client.

    I'd submit that silent removal of AV is #1 and detection of AV status & redundant AV products is #2 in terms of difficulty & tediousness (if we're ranking them) Smile

  • I've had a quick look at SEPprep - it doesn't seem to want to do anything as there is no Symantec product installed:

    05/02/2014 21:39:38:682 SEPprep starting!

    05/02/2014 21:39:40:425 Symantec Endpoint Protection is NOT installed.

    05/02/2014 21:39:40:425 SEPprep stopping!

    Any ideas?

  • kb.eset.com/.../index

    see you can create script using Uninstallers

  • @Brian,

    would you mind sharing your Symantec uninstall script ?

    ( we are using symantec at our clients' side )