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  • Has anyone had luck migrating to another RMM tool approx. 1000 agents?  Kaseya as a product is OK for its core monitoring but that's it.  Support is HORRIBLE.  I spend WAY too much money with Kaseya to get ridiculous support.    I call in maybe 5 times a year for support and it is always days to resolve any issue with very poor correspondence.  I am going to start investigating other options because I only use the monitoring functionality from Kaseya.  I guess if anyone successfully migrated to another platform they would not be in this forum :)  but in case if anyone else is in the middle of testing or has heard good things about a product then I would appreciate.  If I provided similar support to my clients I would have been out of business a long time ago. 

  • Richie,

    We made a switch to N-able. I am very happy with the product and their support is very good. I can't really speak for any other RMM tools out there as it's been too long since I looked at LabTech or any others. We migrated about 5000 agents. I won't kid you, it has been a task but the benefit of reduced cost per year after the initial buy in and better support with a product that has clear direction has been a no brainer for us. It looks like some people are happy with the K upgrade and others have had issues. Ultimately like you we put in very few support tickets and the pricing was astronomical from K on our maintenance. We just decided to go with N-able and deal with the migration. If you'd like any additional information feel free to message me privately.  



  • We migrated 6K agents to LabTech almost 18 months ago.  It was very smooth and I had everything moved in a couple days into the correct clients and locations just using a script in Kaseya.