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  • Here!! Here!!

    I understand a lot of people here wold be happy with a MAC agent, I do want to voice tho many of us out there manage larger scale networks and linux is a big part of that. DNS, Web, SQL and Mail servers are quite common in my field and a agent that would provide me fast and reliable info and a bash shell thue firewalls would be great.

    far182 wrote:
    kentschu wrote:
    We have Mac and Linux systems in 30-40% of our client locations. The vast majority of systems are Windows but even one or two Mac/Linux systems that cannot be seen or managed from Kaseya causes us to maintain two separate management sytsems.

    It seem to make sense for Kaseya to develop an entry-level Mac and Linux agent with basic functionality.

    And when I say basic functionality, I mean:

    1) VNC-based Remote control - the ability to remotely access the systems through one consistent and secure mechanism would be a big boost for MSPs. And VNC is available for many platforms, it seems to make sense that it could be used. No extra bells and whistles are needed at first. No video streaming, no reset password, no task manager.

    2) Basic auditing - whatever hardware and software info can easily be cleaned, get it. Hopefully it would include hard drive free space.

    3) Monitoring/alerts to include: agent online/offline status andlow disk warnings. That's it.

    4) No patching needed. We can survive in the early days with no patching support in Kaseya for Macs and Linux.

    5) No backup needed. Again, in the first release, no backups are needed. We can survive through other methods.

    6) No scripts. Or something very basic to allow "command line" execution.

    It seems that if Kaseya took this approach to create a limited first release of agents for Mac and Linux, it would appease all of us for quite a while and it would allow them to market themselves as a multi-OS platform.

    And the development to create a limited function first release is faster and less risky than developing a full-blown version. Then they could see how successful it was (i.e. how much more money they made selling Kaseya with cross platform capabilities) before deciding how much to invest in creating the full-blown version.

    The big question is would Kaseya customers (us) embrace a limited functionality agentin the first release? Or would everyone give Kaseya a really hard time for not including everything right away?

    I mirror this exactly.

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  • I do not see PDA's on the list. Anyone interested in supporting them?

    Windows Mobile





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  • Now that you mention it.. yes! How about while we are on the subject SIP phones?

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  • Good point! A monitor specifically to monitor phones and VoIP statistics would make a great service.

    There seems to be a lot of QOS issues with VoIP implementations so demand should not be an issue.

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  • It really doesn't matter if you use Macs or Linux (in anger or for pleasure!), if there was a Kaseya agent for these platforms then YOU can tell potential customers that you do support these platforms.

    A tad better than saying "We only support Microsoft, so we can support your desktop, but not your fast, relaible Linux server. Can I still have your business please?"

    *Tongue slightly in cheek*Wink

    My 2 cents!


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  • I would like to see PDA compatability.

    Over the weekend we received a call that a system had a printing problem. I was able to get on my Palm and at least retrieve the trouble ticket but that was all. There is a Palm VNC app but I hear it has bugs.

    Is anybody testing this?


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  • I would love to see both Linux and Mac agents. Even basic ones. As it has been stated, it seems to always be a question when it comes to Mac support and only a little less often linux comes up. If nothing else, many of us could use the nix agent in our own enviroments.
    A basic agent could be very useful with as little as VNC, ssh, and scp connections with administration and logging.


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