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Kaseya Agent icon always visible on Windows system tray

  • Hello.

    Is there any way to set the option "Show icon and notifications" for Kaseya Agent on Windows 7 and 8 system tray?

    I read this article http://goo.gl/B7YoO but it is for all the icons, I need the same only for the Kaseya Agent.


  • Doesn't look easy, but does seem to be possible: xtremeconsulting.com/.../windows-7-notification-area-automation-falling-back-down-the-binary-registry-rabbit-hole

  • I agree with SMason.  I spent some time trying to find an easy/automated way.  Microsoft appears to have made this setting hard to change which makes sense.  Their goal is to keep the take bar clean and if every vendor could simply make their icon persistent everyone would do it.  

  • Little confused about your questions.

    -->If you want to enable icon and notification then you can do it from by following instructions as in the link you have posted.

    -->but if you want to hide the icon then you can do it from your vsa by going to Agent>agent menu > select the agent and click on the disable icon on top left corner of the right side pane and hit update.

    Hope that answer your question.

  • I found this, following the trail of breadcrumbs started by SMason upthread.


    I haven't done anything with it yet but it's at least a good-looking starting point.