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what wild character to use

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Hello, I'm new to Kaseya and Agent procedures. 

Here goes my issue with agent procedures - I created a simple procedure to locate a file that contain the word Completed and to send me an email

IF testFile(*C:TestLog\Testlog.txt") Contains "Completed"  sendmail Blah Blah - all of this works

But If I enter

IF testFile(*C:TestLog\Test*.txt") Contains "Completed" It doesn't work.. It appear it doesn't like the wild character. Is there a different wild character I should use?




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  • Can't use wildcards in that step. Where is the log file coming from? Can we standardize the file name that the process writes to? If not, we can use other tricks like this:

    (Execute Shell Command) findstr "Completed" C:\TestLog\*.txt >> C:\TestLog\Testlog.txt

    ...then proceed with your TestFile step.

    [edited by: SMason at 12:49 PM (GMT -8) on Feb 18, 2014]
  • Thanks.. I'll give a try and let you know..