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Last Checkin Time bug

  • For years now, Last Checkin Time for an online machine appears to be just the current time.  I thought the agent checked in every 30 seconds (or whatever you have it configured as).  Yet if you refresh, all machines just increment by 1 second.

    Anyone else see this?

    Am I misunderstanding what that column is?

  • Are you checking it through liveconnect?

    My understanding is that KLC puts the agent into "realtime" communication e.g. so the CPU use graphs etc. update in real time...maybe this is the issue you're seeing?

  • No.  Just looking at the plain list of machines on the Agent page.  Machine Status/Agent Status.  Not having any other windows/KLC/etc... open.  If I just refresh every 2 seconds all machines update their time to the current time/seconds.

  • The 30 second check in time was changed several years ago.  For all intent and purpose the agent creates a persistent connection (has done this since at least 6.0 but could've been even earlier, I can't recall off the top of my head).  The 30 second check-in is a "full-checkin" (sends more data) but the agent sends a heartbeat in near real-time.