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Agent wont install on machines imaged by ghost

  • We recently imaged about 200 machines with windows 7 64bit using ghost and after the fact we went through, changed the computer names then joined to the domain but the kaseya agent that is pushed will not install properly. You can see the kaseya helper running in the processes and the kaseya folder showing up in the x86 programs folder, but the agent wont install and you cant find it within our agent list on kaseya. Any ideas?

  • SID? Agent in the ghost ? Have you tried with a blank install agent ? Manual installation ?

  • Try to avoid creating images of computers that have a Kaseya agent installed. The computers you roll out the image to will all check in with the same agent ID and appear as one account in your VSA.

    Here are more details and suggestions: community.kaseya.com/.../12184.aspx

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  • ...and here is how to fix the multiple agent ID problem easily: community.kaseya.com/.../87739.aspx