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Uninstall LiveConnect?

  • Ok, this is a serious question.  Is it possible to uninstall LiveConnect from our On-Premise Kaseya Server.

    I'm simply tired of fighting the continual issues with a half-finished bug ridden application that is costing myself and my technicians countless hours of frustration installing browser plugins that fail the majority of the time.  I'm tired of the "unable to connect to taskmgr", tired of the stuck at "Starting liveconnection session" screens.

    We just did a fresh server Kaseya server install hoping that would help the issues and its as bad as it was when kaseya first rolled this crapware out.

    We're continuing to pay our maintenance fee each month and we're forced to deal with all these issues?  Why...

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  • I don't know the answer to your question and although I'm not one of them some people have had success with Kaseya support. Have you tried that route?

  • I agree with Zippo - What version of Kaseya are you installing?  Have you reached out to Kaseya support on the issue?