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How to convert agent to an agent template

  • Hi,

    I want to uninstall an agent but keep the data that has been gathered. I have checked that there is an option in the agent module wherein you can uninstall the agent and keep the account. My concern is that the agent is already been uninstalled to the machine but the status of the machine in the Kaseya is only offline. I want to know how will I able to convert it to an agent template so that I can re-use the agent license that was assigned to that machine.



    Michael Santos

  • You can keep the offline agent as is maybe rename it and suspending it will recover your Agent License.

    The other way to do what you want is to create a clean agent template and use the copy feature;

    You could also use the "Import / Export" Feature to export the settings.

  • Hi,

    I already tried to suspend the agent and renamed it but unfortunately it still counted in the license.

  • Try the Copy or Import Export options then and delete the agent once you are happy the settings you wanted to retain was successfully duplicated to the agent template.

  • Is the software and hardware configuration that has been collected to the machine also included in the copy settings?

  • The copy option copies the agent configuration so that you can apply it to other agents, copying the software and hardware data that was collected could display incorrect data on the machines you copy the template to.

    So I would say no it does not copy the software and hardware data. Below is a screen shot of the copy selection list

    If that is not what you want and you want to retain the software and hardware data then you have two options;

    1) leave the agent in the VSA as is until you don't need it any more

    2) or run report and take screen shots to retain the software and hardware data collected  and delete the agent.

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