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Connection gateway settings

  • I've found it very helpful to setup a subnet range for the connection gateway under the Naming Policy tab for each of my customers. It makes sure that my customer's systems get stuck into the proper group automatically.

    I am having a problem, however. I am finding that when my techs go onsite, their workstations get grouped with the customer's systems automatically. I'd love to know a way to make sure that a computer stays grouped with a particular group (our company's group) regardless of the Naming Policy tab.

    Anyone else seeing this issue? Got any fixes?


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  • Yepp, I'm using gateway settings alot for the reasons you mention & getting the same thing everytime I visit a client and get behind their connection gateway.

    A way of excluding via MAC addresses might be a possible solution.. but it would need to be programmed into the KServer engine somewhere.

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